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Babylon Çeşme
Babylon Çeşme

Babylon Çeşme

Complementing calm and clear waters of Aya Yorgi with a tranquil beach surrounded by tangerine trees, positive vibrations of hand selected music and a kitchen full of surprising tastes Babylon Çeşme has become one of the ultimate gathering spots of the summer.

Babylon Çeşme to İzmir distance is approximately 80 km, and to Adnan Menderes Airport is 90 km. If you want to come with your personal car to Babylon Çeşme, before entering to the centre of Çeşme you should drive the road to Dalyan and follow the signs of Aya Yorgi, which will remain on your right.

The ones who will come from Alaçatı can use the Ilıca - Çeşme collective taxis. You can find them in front of the Alaçatı Municipality in every 10 minutes. Taxis will take you to Çeşme and later on you can use Dalyan minibuses to arrive at Babylon Çeşme.

If you will depart from centre of Çeşme, use Dalyan minibuses and get off at Aya Yorgi crossroad. After five-minute walking you can arrive at Babylon Çeşme.

Çeşme Taxi: 0 232 712 63 50
Alaçatı Taxi: 0 232 716 85 55
Ilıca Taxi: 0 232 732 18 19

Private Hire

Babylon Çeşme can now be a part of your life. With decor suitable for all kinds of events, a fast wireless internet connection and a relaxed atmosphere, Babylon Çeşme is sure to leave an impression on anyone who visits it. And now, it is available for you to rent for parties, meetings and special events so that you can create the Babylon of your dreams.

  • Company Parties
  • Private Concerts
  • Private Shootings
  • Private Parties
  • Meetings
  • Launch Nights

Contact: Sakarya Mah. 3143 Sok. No:22/2
Aya Yorgi - Çeşme İzmir
Tel: 0 (232) 712 63 39

Not: Kiralanacak geceler için catering ve sanatçı desteği sağlanmaktadır.

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