Pioneers of Istanbul alternative music scene, Nekropsi will be at Babylon stage on April 3.

The band has gained a colorful audience with their albums “Mi Kubbesi”, “Sayı 2”, “1998”, domestic and international performances and ideas such as “4/4” and “Hipodrom”. In July 2012, they recorded an EP with Seattle based musician and producer Randall Dunn. Lately, they shared the third song of “Aylık Nekropsi” project which was started with the beginning of the new year and will continue all year long. They’re going to share April’s song just before their Babylon gig on

Nekropsi will be at Babylon on April 3 with hyperactive rhytms, arrangements, odd vocals and many surprises.

Cem Ömeroğlu guitar vocals

Cevdet Erek drums vocals

Gökhan Goralı guitar, vocals

Kerem Tüzün bass, vocals

Gökhan Deneç sound engineer

Murat Gülbay stage coordinator, sampler

Event Program

22:00 Doors Open
23:00 Nekropsi