Hess is More & Korallreven

Inspired from local gospel choirs in Samoa and South Pacific, former The Radio Dept. member Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder’s Korallreven project is at Babylon!

Influenced by southern rap music, dreampop, reggae and minimal techo Korallreven are protesting Sweden’s col winter days with songs from a warm summer day. Joons and Tjäder collaborated with artists such as Victoria Bergsman (Taken by Trees, The Concretes) and Julianna Barwick. With their sincere Scandinavian electro pop music and amusing live performance, they are coming to warm up Babylon scene for Nordik Music Festival.

Hess Is More

Hess Is More is the project of Mikkel Hess, one of the most creative names in Denmark’s music scene. Grew up in a family of musicians, Mikkel took his vision further by studying drums with jazz legend Ed Thigpen. Following the first record The Soundtrack, consisting songs for theatrical play of The Wind in the Willows, he reworked this album with additional songs and released Tip Top Dynamo. His compilation album Hits released from Nublu Records was selected to the ""Top 10 Best music of 2009” by Time Out Magazine New York. Blending elements of jazz, electronica and Scandinavian folk, Hess Is More and his team embrace melancholia and joy together.

Event Program

22:00 Doors Open
23:00 Hess Is More
00:15 Korallreven