Dinar Bandosu Album Release Concert

The band which took its name from Ece Ayhan’s dream of "Dinar Bandosu" will be at Babylon 2nd of April after their new album.

Dinar Bandosu which is one of the significant psychedelic rock groups of Istanbul wants to take part of Turkish underground counter-culture music style and spread it all around world. They have released 3 studio albums so far which are “Saykodelikdeşik”, “Aya da Gidelim Osman” and lastly “Dinar Bandosu”. Their last album which was released after a 4 years break. This album brings together what is happening in Turkey and  meaning of these situations in a much deeper and meaningful way. Like other “Dinar Bandosu” which give the main subject of Selamsız Bandosu, our Dinar Bandosu plays classic western music with their own style! 

Event Program

20:30 Doors Open
21:30 Dinar Bandosu