Burn Dubstep Series: Hyperdub Night (Kode 9 + Terror Danjah + Morgan Zarate +Scratcha aka DVA)

The Burn Dubstep series won’t slow down at Babylon.

The crew of Hyperdub, which is one of the most important dubstep record companies coming from the south of London; Kode 9, Terror Danjah and Scratcha are getting prepared to conquer Babylon on the night of April 21.  The new stars of the distinctive record company with its unusual beats and vocal uses, lead by Kode 9, are coming to please all dubstep lovers in İstanbul. The names that will be accompanying Kode 9 on this night are Terror Danjah and Scratcha aka DVA. Scratcha is one of the most outshining names of the British underground electronic music recently. Hosting the radio show ‘Grimey Breakfast’ on Rinse FM which is considered to be the center of the British urban sounds since 2005, Scratcha drags the listeners from UK Garage to dubstep and d&b every morning. As for Terror Danjah, he is one of the names who were found and incorporated to Hyperdub by the sharp eyed Kode 9.  After his solo album Acid released by Hyperdub on 2010, Terror Danjah became one of the outshining producers of Grime music with his successive releases. These three fierce names of Hyperdu, Kode 9, Terror Danjah, Morgan Zarate and Scrathca are coming to cause an earthquake on a small scale. Get ready!

Event Program

02:00 Terror Danjah
22:00 Naive
23:00 Morgan Zarate
23:59 Scratcha DVA
01:00 Kode9