Thurston Moore

Garanti Jazz Green presents Sonic Youth's main man Thurston Moore, on Wednesday, April 22 at Babylon with the contribution of the Radio Eksen.

After the success of Sonic Youth  between 80’s and  90 's, Thurston Moore main man, released a solo album in 2011. He has also participated in many solo and group collaborations outside of Sonic Youth.He released acoustic album called "Demolished Thoughts". Then, in 2014, as expected , he released album "The Best Day"  dominated by punk and grunge rhythm as a gift for fullfiling fans of  Sonic Youth longing.

Thurston Moore has also collaborated on different projects  with Yoko Ono, Merce Cunningham, Cecil Taylor, Rhys Chatham, Lydia Lunch, John Zorn, Takehisa Kosugi and Glenn Branca who has left its mark on music in their disciplines.He has recorded the soundtrack to movies directed by Moore, Olivier Assayas, Gus Van Sant and Allison Anders.

Witnessed the birth of  No wave and  the rise of grunge,legend of New York underground scene Thurston Moore peform on Wednesday 22 April, save the date for extraordinary performance.

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Event Program

20:30 Doors Open
21:30 Thurston Moore