Göksel - Naim Dilmener & Sarp Dakni ile Eski 45'likler

Göksel, who has a special place in music lovers’ hearts with her alternative presence in pop music world, is presenting her new album ‘’Mektubumu Buldun Mu?’’.

The album will take you to a journey in city’s ancient streets with a nostalgic breeze. Göksel’s interpretation of the songs not only kept the songs in their original frame but also gave them a fresh, new life. While listening to her songs you will experience the old days all over again and you’ll hear her beautiful voice from Babylon Aya Yorgi’s stage by the sea. And Later On, NAİM DİLMENER VE SARP DAKNİ İLE ESKİ 45’LİKLER From Ajda Pekkan to Rafaella Carra, from Enrico Macias to Erol Büyükburç, from Golden Microphone to Eurovision “Pop!Pop!Pop!”. From Bu Ne Dünya Kardeşim to Bang Bang, from old to new, from yesterday to today, greatest vinyls of all times. To yell “Hür doğdum hür yaşarım!” and “On S’embrasse et On Oublie, to relive the old days altogether.

Event Program

22:59 Göksel
01:00 Naim Dilmener & Sarp Dakni