Babylon Soundgarden 2015

Babylon Soundgarden bu yıl Babylon Kilyos'ta yazı karşılıyor!

Bringing music, friendship and fun together, Babylon Soundgarden provided an unforgettable festival feel on Saturday, May 23, at its new home, Babylon Kilyos. At Babylon Soundgarden, which offered a festival experience in a natural atmosphere by the sea, various local and international artists greeted the audience on four different stages. Early comers to the festival enjoyed the sea and Happy Hour before relaxing at the yoga workshop. The attendees of daylong activities showed off their creativity at various exciting open air workshops involving things like kites, balloons, Poi and Juggling, and swing. Two well-known graffiti artists, David Shillinglaw and Manoel Quiterio, enlivened the festival with their special works for Babylon Soundgarden.

Event Program