Balkan Wedding Party by Kolektif İstanbul

Combining Kolektif Istanbul’s entertaining acoustic instruments with Genjah’s electronic rhythms, “Balkan Wedding Party” will be our guest the night of December 14th!

This night will make you forget all the belly dancing you have ever done. Let’s meet on the dance floor to dance along to progressive wedding party music combined with punk, jazz and electronic sounds.

Having released four albums “Balkanatolia”, “Krivoto”, “Kerevet” and “Pastirma Yazi” since 2006, Kolektif Istanbul created a different style by combining jazz and funk tunes with Anatolian and Balkan music.

Resisting the urge to stick to one music genre and rather choosing to play around with different styles, the group has successfully performed at many international festivals, such as Montreux Jazz Festival, Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, The Flow Festival and Fira Mediterrania. The group consists of Laniepce on saxophone, Aslı Doğan on vocals, Batuhan Baraç on drums, Ertan Şahin on sousaphone, Tamer Karaoğlu on keys and Talat Karaoğlu on clarinet.

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Event Program

21:30 Doors Open
21:30 Karakusu Jr
22:30 Kolektif İstanbul
00:15 Genjah