Fanfarai, connecting different locations and cultures with music, will take the stage one more time at Babylon under the XXF Very Very French Festival on 3 December.

Institut Français Turquie presents:

Fanfarai was formed by musicians coming from different social, musical and cultural backgrounds and locations - France, Morocco and Algeria, just to name a few. The band makes extraordinary covers of Berber, Andalusian, Cuban and Turkish music with conventional Maghreb beats such as rai, chaabi and gnavi. Fanfarai has performed at festivals such as Womex, Sziget and Jazz Sous Le Pommiers and will be our guests on the Babylon stage within the scope of the XXF Very Very French Festival on 3 December for an entertaining performance full of energy.

3 December will see two back-to-back events at Babylon. Attendees holding a ticket to Fanfarai will be allowed to enter and see the Jean Tonique event too.

Event Program

21:30 Doors Open
22:30 Fanfaraï
23:59 Jean Tonique