The Dubstep/ Electronica nights swiftly continue at Babylon.

On February 1oth, one of the latest stars of Ninja Tune Label will take over the stage of Babylon with the support of Burn. The Czech origin British musician Emika, joined the Ninja Tune family with her first LP released last October. After living in cities that are considered to be heart of electronic music such as Bristol and London, she moved to Berlin and started to work as a sound designer for Native and released four singles named;  “Drop the Other”, “Double Edge”, “Count Backwards” and “Pretend/Professional Loving”. In her album also named “Emika”, she has worked with Rashad Becker, an important name of the Berlin electronic music scene and combined different styles such as downtempo, dubstep and electronica. Inspired by the hot spots of Berlin such as the Panaromabar and Berghain, Emika succeeds to place her knowledge of piano and composition from her school years into the dark melodies of dubstep. Emika, who is compared to several names like Beth Gibbons, Zola Jesus and PJ Harvey with her extraordinary voice and charisma, offers a special experience to dubstep lovers in Babylon.

With all the excitement to discover bass based, beat breaking, spectrum widening music from UK, two bassheads from Istanbul MC Chellyfish (Selen Hünerli, singer, songwriter of ""Nada"" and ""Norrda"", see below) and Nk6 (Nazif Kerem Güroğlu electronic music producer from duo ""Fecr-i Ati"") ""desired"" to share this joy with future bassjunkies and named themselves Re-Spectralize. After two not-so-crowded events, something happened to change the bass music scene of Istanbul forever: they met Özgür, owner of Pixie which is now the only bass music club of Istanbul and Turkey also. First ""live"" Dubstep event of Istanbul happened there named Re-Spectralize Vol. I and became a huge success. The first Dubstep duo of Turkey is now pushing their own boundaries with new events, ""Base Bass'd"", selecting and recreating tunes that only have one thing in common : Bass.

22:00 – 00:00 Warm Up by Gantz

00:00 – 01:00 Emika

01:00 After Party by Re-Spectralize

Event Program

22:00 Doors Open
22:00 Gantz
23:59 Emika
01:00 Re-Spectralize