İbrahim Maalouf "Illusions"

Labanese origin French trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf is on Babylon stage again with his extraordinary style.

Instead of playing traditional three valve trumpet he is playing four valve trumpet which was invented by his father Nassim Maalouf in 60’s. He is also writer Amin Maalouf’s nephew. Ibrahim Maalouf released his first album "Diasportas" in 2007 from his own company Mis’ter Production. In 2012 with his album Wind, Ibrahim Maalouf made successful achievment in France and Belgium. He collabrated with so many important musician like Sting, Vanessa Paradif, Vincent Delerm. Now Ibrahim Maalouf is coming with his new album "Illusions" while bringing together all differences under an energetic approach.

Ibrahim Maalouf: Trumpet
Yann Martin: Trumpet
Youenn Le Cam: Trumpet
Martin Saccardy: Trumpet
François Delporte: Guitar
Stéphane Galland: Drums
Laurent David: Bass
Frank Woste: Keyboard

Event Program

20:30 Doors Open
00:00 Recep Şencan
00:00 Recep Şencan
21:30 Ibrahim Maalouf