GRAVITY HILL: !f music Pop Up Etkinliği

You’re invited to an evening at the crossroads of cinema and music, featuring films by Jem Cohen and music/soundtracks by Guy Picciotto (Guitar), Jim White (Drums), and George Xylouris (Lute).

The combination of moving images and music is too often taken for granted or left unexamined. In cinema, movies are often so densely overloaded with music that the images are robbed of complexity while, increasingly, live bands and DJs opt for projections akin to a kind of random visual wallpaper. For those concerned with the power and potential found in the union of sound and image, the question therefore becomes more pressing: how can the conjunction of music and film avoid elevating one at the expense of the other?

For this show, Cohen joins forces with a versatile and adventurous group of musicians to explore image and sound in a wide range of combinations. Three new collaborative pieces will be developed and premiered for the show, with subjects ranging from a sudden city rainstorm, to Coney Island at night, to the mysteries of museum antiquities.

Event Program

21:00 Doors Open
00:00 Jem Cohen
00:00 Guy Picciotto
00:00 Jim White
00:00 George Xylouris