Bob Marley Birthday Celebration

Bob Marley who trailed masses for years and expressed his lust for freedom, life and the lover through words which we all admire will be remembered once more on his 67th birthday at Babylon.

And we will be singing and dancing to his songs through which he expressed himself in the best possible way. The groups and DJ’s that will participate in this holy celebration are Mahi, Sattas, Selekta Firuzağa and Ras Memo. Now traditionalized at Babylon, the special birthday celebrations of Bob Marley will be very colourful as expected.

Event Program

20:00 Mahi
21:00 Selekta Firuzağa
22:00 Ras Memo
23:00 Sattas
23:59 Mahi
01:00 Sattas
02:00 Ras Memo and Selekta Firuzağa