Nada Album Release Concert

Selen Hünerli and Miray Kurtuluş’s project Nada will be at Babylon on 4th of February Tuesday night with their second album’s release concert “Medusa”.

Nada's second album “Medusa” will be released through WePlay in January 2014. 9 songs which are nourished by mythological stories tells the struggles of heroes who travel the dark times of the world in a legendary atmosphere. “Medusa“ is created by primitive electronic rhythms, dark synth basses and deep lyrical vocals, which nourish the souls of heroes. The curse of Medusa turn people to stone that could not handle with humans shame and harmful nature.  Genetic heritage of centuries bring together the demons and fairies. For Selen Hünerli and Miray Kurtuluş music was a playground to escape from the world of adults when they were children.
With fascination of silence inside of sounds and reality behind mystery they invite us to their playground.

Event Program

20:30 Doors Open
21:30 Nada