Etnik Bas: Kabus Kerim, Before: Grup Ses

One of the founders of the the cult groups Cartel and Karakan, Kabus Kerim will be at Babylon on February 8th as a part of our “Etnik Bas” concert series.

We are bringing together sounds that combine the traditional music of different geographies with heavy bass tones, electronic beats and dub, trap, hip-hop, funk and rock elements. Within the “Etnik Bas” series, artists with English or Jamaican sound system culture roots, street and different language-based music styles and protest stances will be our guests! 

With his “From the past to the future, always forward” motto, Kabus Kerim keeps the old school hip-hop culture alive. Meet us at Babylon for his wide range of Turkish funk and psychedelic song selections.

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Event Program

21:30 Doors Open
22:00 Grup Ses Beats
23:30 Kabus Kerim