Great Republic of South

Great Republic of South will be on Babylon's stage on 15th of January with its southern blended funk and electronic music.

Great Republic Of South is the fictional motherland of all the people who know how to survive with less, and resist with joy. By geographical definition, south is the lower side of the globe. But our understanding expands the meaning of "south", since every country has a lower part or a distant coast, just like every one of us has a vulnerable spot.

Inspired by these ideas, Sarp Keskiner and Deniz Cuylan formed the band "Great Republic Of South". The duo blends African, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Turkish and Mediterranean Music in a large bowl of Soul, Retro Funk and Electronica. With their big live sound and pulsating energy on stage, they salute all the corners of the world.

Sarp Keskiner: Guitars, Percussions, Flutes, Harmonica
Deniz Cuylan: Guitars, Bass, Synthesizers, Programming
Orcun Basturk: Drums
Berke Can Ozcan: Drums, Percussions

Photography by Aylin Gungor

Event Program

20:30 Doors Open
21:30 Great Republic of South