Portecho, formed by Tan Tunçağ and Deniz Cuylan, is specified with their fast improvement and bright future as a band by New York Times.

With their first album Undertone which was released in 2006, music fans have experienced new things. In a short time they influenced so many people with their different bases, fascinated vocals and cozy guitar melodies. Portecho keep continue to interpret dance music with their aspects while using electronica and rock music together. After their second album Studio Plastico in 2009 February, they’ve increased the number of their audience. Now following their last album Motherboy they are coming to perform at Babylon to fascinate their audience again.

Tan Tunçağ: Arrangements, Vocals, Bass Guitar
Deniz Cuylan: Arrangements, Guitar

Event Program

22:00 Doors Open
23:30 Portecho