Duck Tape presents: Cécile (LIVE) + The C90s (DJ SET) + RipTide (DJ SET)

It might have been a sign when a five-year old Carlo Alberto broke the violin that his grandfather gave him, while trying to play it like a guitar.

16 years later, Italian musician Carlo Alberto with his new stage name Cécile takes out any lingering violin-inspired aggression by banging out electro-punk songs like ""There Is No Justice"" or remixing punk band Altro with the help of his guitar, drum kit and laptop. After Cécile’s very unique live performance, English remix-machine the c90s and DJ Riptide will take over the stage. Don’t miss these fresh talents’ extraordinary performance at Babylon on January 22nd!

Event Program

22:00 Doors Open
22:00 Club Bangkok
23:59 Cecile
01:15 The C90s
02:46 Riptide