Tom Waits Tribute Night by JazzMatiz

With the "Tom Waits Tribute Night" performance they have been giving since December 2013, JazzMatiz will be our guest January 25th to honor Tom Wait's 69th birthday!

"How can we even describe him; poet, singer, composer, actor, constantly changing and growing throughout his career, each time creating more impressive music; describing Tom Waits is pretty hard! As Gary Graff said, his voice is 'like a barrel that has been soaked in bourbon then smoked for five months before being crushed by a car.' With his distinctive wheezing sounds, his inclination to experiment and his love for pre-rock genres such as blues, jazz and vaudeville, Tom Waits was an extraordinary personality in the name of music. His songs are very special to his listeners, with every listener finding themselves in those special songs.”

Meet us on January 25th for JazzMatiz's "Tom Waits Tribute Night" performance, where they will sing well-liked Tom Waits songs along with guest performers Gülce Duru, Alper Bakıner (Luxus), Merve Deniz and Can Oflaz.

Mobilet for tickets! 

Event Program

21:30 Doors Open
22:30 Tom Waits Tribute Night by JazzMatiz