Demonation Festival No:4 // 2nd Day

From sludge to hip hop and dub to free jazz, Demonation Festival will be presenting a wide selection from Turkey's independent music scene once again.

This year, the 4th of Bant Mag's Demonation Festival series, ongoing since 2010, will be taking place at Babylon. A festival in which musicians and bands producing and distributing their music through independent channels take the stage, Demonation has taken place in different venues over the years, including Tamirane, arkaoda, and Salon IKSV. Host to bands preparing their demos independent of big record labels, and free of commercial pressures, who will no doubt tear up the stage, the festival has previously included bands such as Bubituzak, Bicycle Day, Seni Görmem İmkansız, She Past Away, Farfara, and many more. Taking place over the course of the first few days of the new year, this years lineup will once again join names from all over the musical spectrum on the same stage.


Soundcollage is a long-termed project of Özcan Ertek which creates formless songs by blending rhythmic sounds to its atmospheric compositions that listeners get lost in. Last year’s Red Bull Music Academy winner Ertek released two EP’s under the name Soundcollage.

The Medical Phalanx of Space

Three foreign musicians living in Istanbul formed the band The Medical Phalanx of Space. These musicians are, guitarist/vocalist Alex Mazonowicz from The Nines and The Stories, drummer Xavi Gonzales and legendary bassist from Stereolab Simon Johns. Don’t miss their Rockabilly and garage sounding performance.

Ah! Kosmos

Başak Günak creates differents layers from electronic sounds in the Ah! Kosmos project and delivers a rare experience in live performances. First EP of Ah! Kosmos is released on independent music label Müzik Hayvanı.


Pitohui is composed of Barkın Engin, Cem Kayıran, Yankı Bıçakçı and Umut Çetin they released their first EP “Boros” in October 2013. Pitohui favors songs that containes many loops also, improvisations take important place in their performances.


Nodul will be an unforgettable performance with Demonation’s maximum dance capacity with beats and melodies from sonic sounds combined with unique instrumental hiphop aesthetic.

Farazi v Kayra

Farazi v Kayra has been one of the most popular hiphop bands with their “Hayalet Islığı” album released on September 2013. The duo has many solo projects in Underground hiphop scenes. Collaborations of Da Poet, Ağaçkakan and Vinyl can be found in their last album.

Event Program

16:00 Doors Open