Stavroz (Live) powered by Lenovo

Pushing the boundaries of House music, Stavroz will be back on the Babylon stage with their live performance on the night of 10 March!

Formed by Ijsbrand De Wilde and Gert Beazar at the university, Stavroz began playing house music, initially under the influence of Balkan melodies. With the addition of Maxim Helincks at guitars and Pieter De Meester, the dynamics of the band changed, moving them closer to jazz and minimal house. The band meets their fans on dance floors in various locations throughout the world, and continues to broadcast DJ sets on their radio program hosted by Studio Brussel.

Event Program

21:30 Doors Open
00:00 Kaan Düzarat
21:30 Kaan Düzarat
22:30 Stavroz