Hercules & Love Affair Soundsystem

İstanblue presents: New York neo-disco band “Hercules & Love Affair” on the stage of Babylon on March 16.

After DJing in Denver, Andrew Butler moved to New York and started to  make his own music.  He worked with Tim Goldsworthy and joined DFA Records. The record “Blind” which was released in 2008 with the collaboration of Anthony Hegarty was chosen the best song of the year by Pitchfork and was ranked as the 6th in Resident Advisor’s “Best 30 Songs of The Year” list. Mark Pistel, Aérea Negrot, Shaun Wright and Nellyphant presents us a wide range from disco to house music and acid to synth pop with theirs albums of “Hercules & Love Affair”(2008) and “Blue Songs”(2011).

Event Program

23:55 Hercules and Love Affair