Burn Dubstep Series: Hatcha featuring MC Crazy D

Nominated as the best dj ever by Mixmag, veteran dubstep producer Hatcha is one of those who put together late 90’s garage sound and dubstep rhythms.

Binding dark dub elements with 2step Hatcha forged a new genre into its new form. Boosting himself with experiments in his music that no dj could try, Hatcha produced Dubstep Allstars compilations and Ten Tons Heavy. With his radio shows and sets in Rinse FM and Kiss 100 FM his name was spread to a wider range among others such as Skream, Benga, Digital Mystikz and Loefah. For the show at Babylon, dubstep upstart MC Crazy D will be covering mic duties for Hatcha who is also hostig his weekly Kiss FM show alongside Hatcha.


With all the excitement to discover bass based, beat breaking, spectrum widening music from UK, two bassheads from Istanbul MC Chellyfish (Selen Hünerli, singer, songwriter of ""Nada"" and ""Norrda"") and Nk6 (Nazif Kerem Güroğlu electronic music producer from duo ""Fecr-i Ati"") ""desired"" to share this joy with future bassjunkies and named themselves Re-Spectralize. After two not-so-crowded events, something happened to change the bass music scene of Istanbul forever: they met Özgür, owner of Pixie which is now the only bass music club of Istanbul and Turkey also. First ""live"" Dubstep event of Istanbul happened there named Re-Spectralize Vol. I and became a huge success. The first Dubstep duo of Turkey is now pushing their own boundaries with new events, ""Base Bass'd"", selecting and recreating tunes that only have one thing in common : Bass.

Event Program

22:00 Doors Open
00:00 Re-Spectralize
23:30 DJ Hatcha and Crazy D