Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz

A talented band from the independent music scene in Istanbul, Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz is at Babylon on Thursday, March 24.

Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz makes lyrical music  and creates songs made up of stories told by two young people who are trapped by the city and grew up on the fringe of the lost generation. They identify their music as indie-folk with a generalized approach. Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz performs with its core members – Kaan Boşnak on guitar and vocals, Engin Sevik on electric guitar, Can Tunaboylu on bass guitar and Can Kalyoncu on drums.

Event Program

20:30 Doors Open
21:30 Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz