Yearlong Jazz: Anıl Şallıel '166 Days'

Starting under the roof of ''Yearlong Jazz'', ''Akbank Jazz 30th Year Concerts'' are carrying forward with saxophonist Anıl Şallıel, one of the prolific names of Turkish new generation jazz, and his ''166 Days'' concert. Şallıel will be playing tracks from his first solo album ''166 Days'' ranging from jazz to funk and ethnic fusion, and will be assisted by his guests Deniz Taşar, Önder Focan, Mustafa İpekçioğlu, Furkan Bilgi, Ergün Şenlendirici, Batu Şallıel, Burak Dursun and Memduh Aktay.

The 26 year old musician acquired an important fanbase in the last 10 years with different projects such as ''What Da Funk'' inspired by his passion towards nature, ''Şallıel Bros.'' with his alto saxophonist brother Batu Şallıel, and ''Funkbook'' with Önder Focan. Şallıel interprets jazz through his feelings alongside musicians who have each mastered their own field. In his last project ''166 Days'', the young saxophonist invites the audience to his journey, by narrating the story of a musician waking up in a different city almost everyday in a timeframe of 166 days. 

Anıl Şallıel: Tenor saxophone

Tolga Erzurumlu: Clavier

Cahit Kutrafalı: Bass guitar

Ekin Cengizkan: Drums


Deniz Taşar: Vocals

Önder Focan: Electric guitar

Mustafa İpekçioğlu: Electric baglama

Furkan bilgi: Classical kemancha

Ergün Şenlendirici: Clarinet

Batu Şallıel: Alto and soprano saxophone

Burak Dursun: Trumpet, trombone

Memduh Akatay: Percussions

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Event Program

20:30 Doors Open
21:30 Etkinlik Başlangıcı