Club Bangkok

Club Bangkok is formed by three energic young men who saw the hole in the nightlife of İstanbul and then started a ‘club night’.

In the mid-2010 Doğu took Hakan Odabaşı and Onur yazıcı beside him and started the İstanbul foot of Bangkok nights. The Bangkok DJ’s succeeded to leave a smile on the faces of the audience as they leave the club and a hangover in their bodies the next day for over a year now. As well as combining 'Old-Skool-Indie' bands like The Clash, The Sonics, Sex Pistols with Libertines, Futureheads and friends, the DJ’s add marches from Blur or Franz Ferdinand and make it close to impossible for the audience not to be happy. 

Club Bangkok will be at the Babylon stage right after the Athlete on the 2nd of March.

Event Program

00:30 Club Bangkok