GoGo Penguin

An outstanding ambassador of modern jazz, GoGo Penguin will be at the Babylon stage on the evening of March 30th.

Composed of Chris Illingsworth, Nick Blacka and Rob Turner, the UK-based jazz trio known as Gogo Penguin takes their inspiration from various artists ranging from Brian Eno and Calude Debussy to Massive Attack and Shostakovich. Initially building up popularity by performing at a small jazz club in Manchester, England, Gogo Penguin achieved far wider fame after the release of their debut ‘Fanfares’. With their 2014 release, ‘v2.0’, helping to continue the expansion of their fanbase, this trio will welcome the audience at the Babylon stage with their unique compositions and interpretations of songs.

Event Program

20:30 Doors Open
21:30 GoGo Penguin