Nu Park

Nu Park whose first video, “Walk in the House” has been broadcasted a short while ago is going to come together with the participation of Uran Apak who is their soloist and lives in London in the Babylon stage in 12nd of May night.

The last station of concert series occurred in the Avusturian Embassy, Torino and London, of Nu Park is going to be Babylon. Opening of the night organization presented with the signature of London-İstanbul axis Bears & Bridges is going to be made by acoustics pop/folk Utkan La Deniz. VJ Demode is going to revive the night with nostalgic and psychedelic visuals.

Attention please: The time ship whose head is Nu Park is opening a new door into its passengers.

The past of Nu Park consisting of Uran Apak, Oğuz Öner, Ozan Erkan, Nilüfer Ormanlı and Ilker Görgülü goes up to friendships which started in a neighborhood of İstanbul 16 years ago. Nu Park getting famous with their championships which they got in the branch of electronica in Miller Music Factory in 2008 and with Roxy Special Award which they got in 13th Roxy Music Days, began to give concerts in different places and festivals in 2010. The only Turkish band, Nu Park, taking the stage in international Club to Club Electronics Music Festival organized in Torino 2013, took the stage in Arcola Theatre within the scope of Orient Express Festival in London. They released their first EP, “Promise”, which they prepared by coming with sound engineer Mike Nielsen together in the year 2013.

The group turning their concerts into a visual-audial experience with improvisations by putting lots of different elements like costume design, 3D visual mapping and stage design together, makes their audiences set out on a surrealistic journey. 

Event Program

20:30 Doors Open
20:45 utkan la deniz
21:45 Nu Park