Russian-Canadian musician Chinawoman has a meeting with her fans on May 3.

As the daughter of a Kirov ballerina and a Russian engineer, Michelle grew up listening to her parents’ collection of Soviet and 70’s European records in Toronto. Her debut album, where Michelle plays almost all the instruments, Party Girl released in 2007. With an endless melancholia, she released her secon album Show Me the Face in 2010 and became a very best friend for broken hearts. Retro keyboards and synths combined to emotionally concantrated and romantic lyrics sang by her pure voice, Chinawoman can be both serious and sincere at the same time. In 2011 she toured in Eastern Europe with her ""Seeking Russian Bride Tour""  and in November she supported Patrick Wolf. Chinawoman has been compared with Nico, Leonard Cohen and Marc Almond, as well as Soviet era stars such as Edita Peha and Alla Pugacheva. 

Warm-Up & After Party by Barış Akpolat

Opening: 20.30

Chinawoman: 21.30

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