Instrumental progressive-rock band Kes is going to be hosted to the Babylon stage with launching concert of the album “Kamlama” in 5th of May Tuesday night.

The story of KES is attributed to former friendships. The band was established by Mehmet Demirdelen, Cenk Turanlı and Emre Kula from Yıldız University-Department of Music in 2012. Their first album “Kamlama” was recorded with Murat Gülbay and Cem Ömeroğlu in Maslak 1024 studios in January of the year. The mastering of “Kamlama” mixed by Cem Ömeroğlu is done by Selim Demirdelen. The first clip, ‘’Hak’’, of the album whose design of the cover is Şakir Kış and Zeynep Kış is shot by Selim Demirdelen.

Music of KES, Meshuggah, presents toughness, power and energy which bands like Tool make feel as a whole. “Kamlama” is getting its energy from the power to be able to present the newest one and accustomed one together. From this perspective, Kes is coming to the forefront as the best bands existing in the track of rock in Turkey in recent years. 

Event Program

20:30 Doors Open
21:30 KES