Michael Mayer

DJ and producer Michael Mayer who is a founder of Kompakt, rooted record companies of German electronic music stage is going to be hosted in the Babylon stage in 8th of May in Friday night.

Michael Mayer who began to play with mixer which he mingled with in the childhood and with record players in parties in his school years, became one of the most wanted names of the clubs in the next years. Michael Mayer becoming famous in Cologne with his Friends Xperiment Project which he created with Tobias Thomas got one of the most important people of electronic music stage with record company, Kompakt whose founder is him. The German producer whose reputation spreads in Europe with Total Confusion parties which they regularly organized with Tobias Thomas each week became a Pioneer of techno music with albums and remix which they released, in turn. Mayer which doesn’t give up discovering profundities of electronic music and putting different types together catches attention as one of inspirational figures of dance bands

Event Program

22:00 Doors Open
00:00 Tufan Demir
22:00 Tufan Demir
23:30 Michael Mayer