Rubato Quartet

"Rubato" is a musical term refers to differentation of tempo which is speeding up sligtly and then slowing down. Rubato can be seen as rythmic freedom.

Fatih Ahıskalı, Özer Arkun, Göksun Çavdar and Eralp Görgün who work with so many important musicians with their instruments emphasize that playing together at the same time with same emotions ( they feel that they follow a conducter who cannot be seen by others ) is the way of how they create Rubato.

Certainly feeling at the same time, same emotions is a natural result of playing together for so long and their strong friendship. They believe it’s time to share their own colours, ideas, feelings, loves with their own style. Rubato’s first album is going to release in November with a label of 9/8. Rubato generally play their own songs but also they use Anatolian rythms in their repertoire. Their first concert is on 14th of November at Babylon.

Fatih Ahıskalı: Oud, Cümbüş, Guitar, Solo Vocal
Özer Arkun: Cello, Solo Vocal
Göksun Çavdar: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone, Vocal
Eralp Görgün: Bass Guitar, Vocal

Event Program

20:30 Doors Open
21:30 Rubato