Wooden Wisdom / DJ Fitz / Grup Ses Beats - by Bant Mag.

The joint project of actor Elijah Wood and record collector Turquoise Wisdom (Zach Cowie) “Wooden Wisdom” will be on the Babylon stage once again on 18 November.

House of Bant Mag.

Wooden Wisdom is a collaboration between Elijah Wood, the famous “Frodo” of the Lord of the Rings, and San Franciscan DJ Turquoise Wisdom, a.k.a. Zach Cowie. The duo focuses specifically on psychedelic elements and blends rhythms from various regions of the world. Wooden Wisdom offers a combination of Elijah Wood’s skill and Turquoise Wisdom’s talent to music lovers.

Event Program

22:00 Doors Open
22:00 Bant Mag.
22:30 Grup Ses Beats
23:30 Wooden Wisdom
01:00 DJ Fitz