Aydın Esen & Octurn

Aydın Esen’s musical interest started in his early ages. Striking out from the traditional path of 20th century acoustic composers, Esen has crafted a unique electronic backdrop to his compositions. Esen is hailed one of the best pianists in jazz music by many authorities.

Belgium-based jazz band Octurn was founded by bariton saxophonist Bo Van der Werf and achieved the creation of a new style in jazz music that is hard to categorize. In each performance they prefer to have at least three saxophonists, two bassists and two drummers on stage.

This cooperation of an outsanding pianist with an extraordinarily improvisational band will offer a highly exciting experience to all attendees.

Aydın Esen: Piyano - Piano // Bo Van Der Werf: Bariton Saksafon - Baritone Saxophone // Josef Dumoulin: Piyano - Piano // Nelson Veras: Gitar - Guitar // Jean-Luc Lehr: Gitar - Guitar // Chander Sardjoe: Davul – Drums

Event Program

21:30 Doors Open
21:30 Aydın Esen and Octurn