Aron Ottignon’s project Aronas combines melodies from the South Pacific with modern jazz music to present a unique sound.

Incorporating contrasting dimensions of jazz music to develop a sound completely of his own and combining dynamic percussives with melodies that sear themselves into one’s memory, this young musician creates an uptempo music that has the energy typical of punk concerts. Gaining a passionate fanbase for his eccentric costumes, über-energetic style of playing the piano, and increasingly intense sets, Ottignon’s style of playing is more in the vein of a rock musician than a jazz musician if anything.

Aron Ottignon: Piyano/Piano
Jonathan Harvey: Bas/Bass
Alexis Nunez: Davul/Drums
Samuel Dubois: “Steel Pan”,Kütük Davul/Steel Pan, Log Drums

Event Program

23:00 Aronas