Ramazan Sesler

Ramazan Sesler, the son of the clarinet virtuoso Selim Sesler, who engraved his name in Turkish music history, will perform music from his debut album, “Babadan Oğula”, on Tuesday night, 11 October, at Babylon. ​

Ramazan Sesler, the son the famous clarinet virtuoso Selim Sesler, grew up with music. Defining music to be a lifestyle for him, Ramazan’s efforts to create his own style despite the inevitable influence of his father is notable. One of the most successful clarinet players, Ramazan Sesler, is praised for the extraordinary covers he makes for the much loved anonymous folk songs, such as ‘Arpa Buğday’, ‘Kalenin Dibinde’, ‘Tavas Zeyneği’, ‘Ayas Yolları’ and ‘Drama Köprüsü’ as well as his innovative performance of his own songs.

Event Program

20:30 Doors Open
21:30 Ramazan Sesler