Electro Swing Night: Smokey Joe & The Kid

Bordeaux’s Smokey Joe and Paris’ The Kid have joined their forces to guide their audience with an electronic base to 1930’s Chicago.

The duo engages hip hop music with classical swing. They have been playing together since 2010, having appeared in many international festivals, sharing the stage with the like sof Wax Tailor, Bonobo, Caravan Place, Chinese Man, DJ Krush and many more.

The duo will surely transform Babylon into a pulse point, providing one of the energy peaks of the 22nd Akbank Jazz Festival.

IRB (Smokey Joe): Elektronikler & Turntable - Electronics & Turntable // Senbeï  (The Kid) ): Elektronikler & Turntable - Electronics & Turntable

Electro Swing Night: Swing Zazou concert tickets also grant access to Electro Swing Night: Smokey Joe & The Kid.

Event Program

22:45 Doors Open