Club Des Belugas Quintet feat. Brenda Boykin

Combining nu jazz tones with swing and soul, German band Club des Belugas features enchanting vocalist Brenda Boykin, Mickey Neher on drums, Matthias Bangert on bass, Roman Babik on keyboards, and Karlos Boes on sax.


The band, considered one of the best in German nu jazz, started gaining renown with its 2006 album “Apricoo Soul,” drawing interest especially for their take on the classic song “Mambo Italiano.” With their fusion of the German sound of nu jazz with Brazilian heat and black Soul, Club des Belugas will have one of the must-see performances of the festival.


Brenda Boykin : Vocals

Mickey Neher : Drums

Matthias Bangert : Bass

Detlef Höller : Guitar

Roman Babik : Keyboards

Karlos Boes :  Saxophone

Event Program

22:00 Doors Open
23:00 Club Des Belugas Quintet feat. Brenda Boykin