The Akbank Jazz Festival is hosting the JAmZZ Akbank Jazz Festival Young Talents Contest for the second year in a row with the vision of uniting young jazz musicians with the masters of the genre.

Participants will be competing in the categories of “Best Performance”, “Best Improvisation” and “Best Cover” for a jury including Ayşe Gencer, Aydın Esen, İmer Demirer, Cengiz Baysal and Volkan Hürsever. Young talents who make the top three will receive gift cards from Lale Plak and Zühal Müzik. Additionally, the winners of each category will receive a special 9 DVD box set of jazz legends’ recordings from the American Embassy’s Culture Department and also have the chance to participate in workshops during the Venice Jazz Festival.

Ultimately the most promising young talent will experience a once-in-a-lifetime jam session with professional musicians on the Babylon stage at the finale of the competition.

Event Program

19:00 Doors Open