Akbank Jazz Festival: Manouche Ala Turca

Manouche Ala Turca will be at Babylon on October 16, 2016.

Guitar player and songwriter Bilal Karaman takes the stage with his new project, combining local melodies with gypsy jazz, which has recently become increasingly popular around the world. An entertaining presentation of jazz, fed with Eastern melodies, this project takes inspiration from Django Reinhardt, who adapted classical French melodies to Swing rhymes in the 1930s. From Kemani Kevser Hanım’s famous “Nihavend Longa” to Mehmet Ilgın’s timeless “Ağlama Değmez Hayata”, all-time favourite Turkish songs will be covered with joyful rhymes of Swing. Moreover, Bilal Karaman will also perform his own songs. Bilal Karaman will be accompanied by the original line-up of Manouche Ala Turca; the famous actress and singer, Dilek Türkan; clarinet virtuoso, Göksun Çavdar; violinist, Muhammed Yıldırır - who was entered into Guinness World Records earlier this year - and Evrencan Gündüz, son of Asım Can Gündüz.

Bilal Karaman: Guitar

Özgün Bora: Rhythm Guitar

Özge Metin: Violin, Accordion

Baran Say: Double Bass

Dilek Türkan: Vocal

Göksun Çavdar: Clarinet

Muhammed Yıldırır: Violin

Evrencan Gündüz: Vocal

* Free of Change.

Event Program

20:00 Manouche Ala Turca