The Comet Is Coming

As a part of the 28th Akbank Jazz Festival's program, we will be hosting The Comet Is Coming!

London based The Comet Is Coming has achieved to reach a remarkable audience after winning The Mercury Prize in 2016 with their very first album. They follow a characteristic path based on the musical language of Sun Ra, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and also the BBC Radiophonic Workshop from which the band's name emerged is a source of inspiration for them. Blending jazz, electronica, funk and psychedelic elements and creating an almost cosmic feast out of them, the band has a tempting philosophy as well. Pay attention to The Comet Is Coming who invites you to forget the surrounding world and become a part of an imaginary, brand new world and “start running” as they say in their manifesto. Let Akbank Jazz Festival be the meeting point where you get together with this community of geniuses!

Event Program

21:30 The Comet Is Coming