Calibro 35

Calibro 35 is mainly inspired by 60s Italian movie scores.

Tomasso Coliva who is a producer to bands such as Franz Ferdinand and Muse, started Calibro 35 as a jazz band he formerly admires. They are interpreting old film scores and by focusing on classic and dark themes they are creating their own soundtrack. Combining jazz, funk, classical music and elements of imporvisation, Calibro 35 is now composing many original tracks for European Cinema.

Luca Cavina – Bas / Bass
Enrico Gabrielli – Klavye, Tahtadan yapılma üflemeli çalgılar / Key, Woodwinds
Massimo Martellotta – Gitar, Lapsteel / Guitar & Lapsteel Guitar
Fabio Rondanini – Davul, Perküsyon / Drums & Percussion

Event Program

23:00 Calibro 35