Mehmet Uluğ Gecesi

As a part of the 28th Akbank Jazz Festival's program we will be hosting Aydın Esen Group & Can Kozlu!

Akbank Jazz Festival is holding a memorial night for dear Mehmet Uluğ, a truly beloved figure of music industry both at home and abroad, who devoted his life to music, always opening up new horizons for everyone around him. This meaningful night will start with the screening of George Garzone: Let Be What Is documentary. After the screening, Aydın Esen and Can Kozlu will take the stage for the first concert of the night and the second concert will be by Aydın Esen Group. A genius of pianist, master of understanding and extending the musical language of the modern era, Aydın Esen, who is constantly mentioned with respect and praise in the contemporary music scenes, will crown the stage. Accompanied by Can Kozlu, one of the most creative jazz improvisation artists of Turkey, the night will be even more unforgettable.

20:30-21:15 Documentary Screening: George Garzone: Let Be What Is
21:30-22:00 Aydın Esen & Can Kozlu
22:00 Aydın Esen Group

Keyboards: Aydın Esen
Drums: Can Kozlu
Bass: SeLKA
Drums: Volkan Öktem

Event Program

20:30 Belgesel Gösterimi: George Garzone: Let Be What Is
21:30 Aydın Esen & Can Kozlu
22:00 Aydın Esen Group