Akbank Jazz Festival: Saul Williams

Saul Williams will be at Babylon on October 21, 2016.

Recognised as a rapper by many, Saul Williams is a unique artist who has a compelling background in various branches of art, ranging from poetry to movies. Known for his music style combining poetry and alternative hip-hop, and his leading part in the Sundance Film Festival “Grand Jury Prize” granted independent movie “Slam”, the artist released 7 albums. Having played as a guest musician in many albums of various bands, one of Williams' songs was also mixed by Wax Poetic, founded by İlhan Erşahin. Collections of poems to his name, Saul Williams also writes columns in well-known printed media such as The New York Times and Esquire. NPR (National Public Radio) mentions him as “An amalgam of hip-hop, punk, dance music and rock, shifting between styles as effortlessly as it weaves webs of interconnected ideas.” 

Participants who has “Saul Williams” concert ticket can continue on to “Midnight Session: Awesome Tapes From Africa” concert.

Event Program

22:30 Saul Williams