Akbank Jazz Festival: Orkesta Mendoza Feat. Salvador Duran

Orkesta Mendoza Feat. Salvador Duran will be at Babylon on October 22, 2016.

Born in Cuba, Mambo music has continued flourishing in Mexico and the US. It was Pérez Prado, a.k.a. “the King of Mambo”, who introduced this genre to the world. The Mexican musician Sergio Mendoza is one of the most important ambassadors of the “Big Band Mambo” tradition in the 21st century, saving this energetic and lively music of 1950s from certain extinction. A multi-instrumentalist, Sergio differentiates his music by incorporating various Latin music styles such as Cumbia, Merengue and Ranchere, presenting a much alluring and flamboyant experience for the listener. Salvador Duran enriches this colourful and crowded orchestra with his voice, dance and his maracas. Critics describe “Orkesta Mendoza” with this phrase “Mendoza is the Sex Pistols of Mambo”! Orkesta Mendoza will do their new album 'Vamos a Guarachar'’s live premier at the Festival.

Sergio Mendoza: Voice, Guitar and Keys

Salvador Duran: Maracas, Vocals

Sean Rogers: Double Bass

Guy Pek: Drums

Marco Rosano: Saxophone, Fx, Clarinet

Matthias Lemmens: Trumpet

 Raul Marquez: Trumpet, Vocal, Guitar

Participants who has “Orkesta Mendoza feat. Salvador Duran” concert ticket can continue on to “Midnight Session: Jonny Rock (DJ Set)” concert.

Event Program

22:30 Orkesta Mendoza