İlhan Şeşen

Acclaimed musician Ilhan Sesen will be our guest Monday night on October 22nd!

Throughout the 47 years of his musical career, Ilhan Sesen’s songs such as, “Neler Oluyor Bize”, “Sen Benim Sarkilarimsin”, “Ellerimde Cicekler”, and “Sensiz Olmaz” have touched the lives of numerous generations, being loved and adored by many people. His tribute album “Hediyem”, which took two years to make, includes these songs and features Ceyl’an Ertem, Aylin Aslim, Yasar, Yalin, Buray, Ayla Celik, Eser Yenenler and Cem Yilmaz. Let’s get together on October 22nd to celebrate the release of the “Hediyem” album!  

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Event Program

20:30 Doors Open
21:30 İlhan Şeşen