Nubya Garcia

Nubya Garcia will be at Babylon as a part of the 28th Akbank Jazz Festival!

The much-lauded saxophonist, composer and bandleader Nubya Garcia released her new EP When We Are in March 2018, nearly one year after her largely-acclaimed first solo project Nubya’s 5ive. The originative artist once again takes typically self-assured steps into new territories with electronic experimentation. Experiencing an exciting new chapter with When We Are, one of UK’s leading instrumentalists, Nubya Garcia will now bring her mesmerizing tunes to the Akbank Jazz Festival stage, providing the audience a new perception of what jazz could be. Alongside her releases, Garcia has a burgeoning reputation as a DJ and this reflects on her music as the energy of the club-nights that shaped her formative years. Get ready for a night full of her characteristically sophisticated and passionate sound!

Event Program

21:30 Nubya Garcia