Omer Avital Qantar

As a part of the 28th Akbank Jazz Festival's program we will be hosting Omer Avital Qantar!

A virtuoso practitioner of bass, visionary composer and musical thinker, Omer Avital creates gorgeous melodies by blending North African grooves with the inspiration coming from his Yemenite and Moroccan roots. Now with his new quintet Qantar, which was created in Brooklyn bearing a great deal of love and friendship, he has finally found his dream quintet. Since 2016 through rehearsals and gigs, the members of this quintet were playing his compositions better than ever and the performances were emerging deeper, richer, fuller. They perform not only the new works that they developed together, but also the older pieces from Omer’s back catalog of over 100 compositions. Soon after releasing their new album Qantar, which was named after the quintet, this marvelous quintet will take stage at Akbank Jazz Festival on an autumn night of multilinguistic musical feast!

Bass: Omer Avital
Piano: Eden Ladin
Soprano & Tenor Saxophone: Asaf Yuria
Tenor Saxophone: Alexander Levin
Drums: Ofri Nehemya

Event Program

21:30 Omer Avital Qantar