Instant Composers Pool Orchestra

Instant Composers Pool Orchestra or ICP for short.

One of the largest formations representing post-modern jazz music, ICP takes inspiration from the legacies of masters such as Duke Ellington, as well as from chamber music and South African folkloric melodies, to which they add the free spirit of improvisation. From this perspective ICP represents the exotic and avant-garde aspect of jazz. Putting forth a unique performance at each of their concerts, this dynamic, constantly-evolving, 10-person modern orchestra has been contributing to the jazz scene under the direction of Misha Mengelberg for over 40 years. 

Instant Composers Pool Orchestra:
Misha Mengelberg: Piyano/Piano
Michael Moore: Saksafon, Klarnet/Saxophone, Clarinet
Ab Baars: Saksafon, Klarnet/Saxophone, Clarinet
Tobias Delius: Tenor Saksafon/Tenor Saxophone
Thomas Heberer: Trompet/Trumpet
Wolter Wierbos: Trombon/Trombone
Mary Oliver: Keman, Viyola/Violin, Viola
Tristan Honsinger: Çello/ Cello
Ernst Glerum: Bas/Bass
Han Bennink: Davul/Drums

Event Program

19:00 ICP Orchestra